The Right to Be Creative

The Right to "Be" Creative

"It is an indignity for any human being not to be allowed to live up to his or her full potential."   -- Hazel Henderson

We talk so much about fundamental human rights: life, liberty, security, education, work, property, protection of the law, and many more.

We, justifiably, regard these rights as inalienable, and we go to great extents to protect them. International relations often reflect the extent to which countries perceive each other as observing these rights. Many wars have been fought when it was deemed that certain fundamental human rights were seriously violated.

But, what about The Right to be Creative – evidently the most fundamental of all human rights, and the one right from which most other rights derive their meaning and significance? What about the right to develop and to express one’s particular set of abilities in the things that one perceives as important and as creating value to society and the rest of nature? What about the right to do something that one feels called or specially equipped to do?

What about the right to live up to one’s potential for excellence (which is everybody’s birthright)?