The vision of the Global Creativity Network is a global civilization that is built on the creative contributions of all people.

Very likely to go down in history as "The Age of Creativity," this is a time in the foreseeable future when every human action – parenting, education, business, leadership, management, governance, care-giving, etc. – will measure its success by the extent to which it enables the affected individuals or groups to develop and to contribute their natural abilities in beneficial social, economic, and ecological actions.

Mission Statement

The mission of Global Creativity Network is to nurture a global creativity-consciousness. To this end, we seek to mobilize, pool, and share ideas, insights, and experiences for fostering creativity in homes, communities, institutions, and organizations.

Our three-pronged strategy is to:

  1. Demonstrate the authentic, inherently creative essence of human nature – Homo Creativus.
  2. Provide concepts and application tools for aligning everyday actions with our essentially creative nature.
  3. Engage the general population in creativity-friendly conversations and close-to-home activities.

The totally voluntary, totally decentralized, and totally autonomous Global Creativity Network is the coming together of individuals, organizations, ideas, and resources for building potential-actualizing, humanly-fulfilling, and sustainable local, national, and global societies.